A Better Exit!

Ready to exit your business? Wonder what your business is worth and how attractive it might be to prospective buyers? Looking for the highest possible valuation, the shortest possible time to a successful closing, and a smooth post-sale transition?

Of course, you are! That’s the hope of all entrepreneurs when they are ready to sell.

The reality is, less than 50% of businesses offered for sale in the lower-middle-market ($2M-$25M) conclude a successful transaction. Many of those that do sell end up settling for much lower than the asking price. Sellers are often frustrated and disappointed with the process. Ask any entrepreneur who has sold a business, and most will say they think they should have gotten a better deal.

What’s up with that?

There are a variety of reasons for a sub-par M&A effort, but they all come down to a lack of good preparation, a defensible valuation, and a compelling story for the universe of appropriate and qualified buyers within the space. iREV was designed to fix these issues. It will REV-up your business and get it ready to sell. It will help you see your business the way buyers will see it — and value it.


What do buyers care about? Value and opportunity, plain and simple. What determines value and opportunity? Excellence and performance in certain key areas of a business. iREV is designed to help you objectively assess and then improve each area – to REV it up, so you can get the highest possible valuation. Specifically, we look at all the things that rev revenue, earnings and valuation.

So, no pressure here. You might not be thinking about selling at all. You might just want to increase the value of your business to raise capital, or to get it in shape to hand down to your heirs or managers. Fine by us. A little knowledge about how to improve your business will go a long way, even if you decide it’s not time to sell.


iREV is not window dressing. It’s not putting lipstick on a pig. It’s making systemic, fundamental improvements, that are measurable and sustainable — improvements that will increase the real value of your business to real, serious buyers.

The best time to sell a business is on an upward trend, with the wind at your back. iREV helps you create that momentum. It ensures multiple bidders will be at the table. Another reason many businesses sell for less than expected? There is only one buyer at the table and the seller is at their mercy. With iREV, multiple buyers will be vying for a seat at the table, which puts you in a stronger negotiating position to get the best possible deal. iREV puts you in control of the M&A process.


iREV is comprised of 10 modules. Each module dissects a specific financial, operational, or strategic area of your business – focusing on the things that drive revenue, earnings, and valuation. Not every business may need all 10 modules, but the more modules you choose to complete, the higher the likelihood of a successful sale.

It all starts with the Business Sellability Assessment. Find out if your business is even sellable and, if it is, what it is worth. Take the assessment. It’s free, no obligation, and strictly confidential. GO!