February 4, 2018

Readiness Assessment

This assessment consists of 50 questions and should take approximately 30-minutes to complete. This module assesses how ready you are to sell your business. Some of the performance indicators we assess include owner motivation, due diligence preparation, and timing. We also look at your ability to undertake the process that will lead to a successful transaction.

Why: Businesses that are prepared to undergo intense scrutiny and are prepared for due diligence by serious and qualified buyers are three times more likely to achieve a successful sale than those that start the process without being fully prepared.

Outcomes: Your answers to this assessment will generate both a score and a report that outlines your readiness to sell and probability of achieving a sale, from a BUYER’S perspective. We will offer some recommendations for improving your score and strengthening your readiness. Your advisor will take you and your team through mission-critical exercises that will get you fully prepared to engage with buyers.

Note: To take this assessment, you must first complete and pass the Business Sellability Assessment and receive a password.

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